Why Video for your Association?

Alliance Visual partners with associations to produce public awareness
video content and programming that explores the current issues and topics
within their field and industry,
sharing these important stories that might not otherwise be told.
These programs are used to raise awareness on critical issues,
providing a national perspective on effective best practices,
and how industries at large are addressing these issues.
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    Authenticity: In today’s hyper saturated media environment, audiences crave authentic content that isn’t just a vehicle for sales. Associations are perfectly positioned to deliver on this need as they have the expertise and depth of knowledge to deliver stories and narratives which will resonate with a targeted audience.

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    Simplicity: Video is a perfect medium to deliver complex ideas and subject matter in a straightforward streamline manner, providing true value to the viewer.

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    Singularity: Video allows your organization to communicate the key distinctions and unique qualities that separate you from others in the field or industry.

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    Efficiency: Alliance Visual’s seamless production process is based on collaboration to craft & produce content that meaningfully and efficiently connects with viewers.

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    Stature, Status, Standing: Video is the ideal vehicle for positioning your organization in the best possible light.

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    Scalability: Content created can be scaled both in and of itself, and in terms of reaching a larger audience.

ASSESS: as·sess /əˈses/ verb - to evaluate or estimate the nature, ability, value, or quality of.

85% of all internet users watch video content daily

Video content engages viewers 88% longer than
non-video content

85% of consumers engage with a brand
after watching a video on social media

Landing pages that contain video increase
conversions by 86%


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